Month: March 2021

How To Make A Success Of Your Voice Recording?

Have you just booked a voice recording session? In a few days, you will be behind the microphone! So, are you ready to live an unprecedented experience in a professional recording studio? Whether you are anxious, confident, or impatient, you certainly want to come out of the studio with a feeling of great satisfaction, don’t you? So here is the practical guide for you to take a successful voice:

Prepare well at home

Yes, taking a voice requires a bit of upstream work. It would be a shame to waste time in the studio for a few small mistakes that you could have corrected at home!

We present you the good reflexes to adopt during your preparation:

First, listen to your song. It may sound obvious and simple, yet it’s the best way to practice a song! This will help you memorize it and make it your own. It is essential to assimilate the structure, to control the departures, and to perceive the changes of rhythms. It’s no secret, it’s actually quite logical: the more you know your song, the easier it will be for you to sing it!

Then repeat your text and the pronunciation of the lyrics. Get rid of hesitation and stammering that could compromise your interpretation. It is even highly recommended that you register and listen to yourself in order to correct what you don’t like.

A studio session is a unique and personal experience that you have to live to the fullest! Good preparation will help you relax but also gain self-confidence. It will be felt in your voice and will sublimate your interpretation. We promise you!


Original Rock and Metal Gifts for Father’s Day

We update our guide of fun, cool and original gifts to give and surprise rock and metal lovers

We have compiled in a single article a list with a selection of a lot of cool gifts for Rock people. Today is the turn for metal parents who will surely feel super proud with a gift of these that we propose.

There are vinyls with spectacular finishes, movies, books, toys, clothes, accessories, decorative sauces, and even the most varied alcoholic beverages. For now, giving away tickets we leave it a bit aside, although it is also a possibility with our eyes on 2020.

Vinyl and Special Editions of Rock to Give away

1- AC / DC – Box “ Power Up” Deluxe Edition. We started with the most successful of 2020, but the truth is that it is a gift for any AC / DC fan. This is its special edition box with light and speaker. The official price is $ 47.99 but there are special offers like the one right now on Amazon for $ 36.99. “Power Up” is also available in colored vinyl and different finishes.

2- Iron Maiden – “ Nights of the Dead Live” 3-LP edition.  Relive the “Legacy of the Beast” tour with this live album recorded in Mexico City at the height of the band’s worldwide journey. You can buy it through Amazon for $ 41.99

3- Motörhead – “Ace of Spades” Special 40th-anniversary edition. One of the fundamental records in rock history turns 40 and MOTÖRHEAD celebrates it with a special edition of its “ACE OF SPADES”. It comes with books, various types of vinyl, games, comics, and tons of surprises. Of course, it comes out for a peak of $ 146.99 and you also have it on Amazon

4- Alice Cooper «Detroit Stories». Another in red, but the truth is that they look good. If your father likes Alice Cooper, do not hesitate!