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Radio Console Studio - Free photo on Pixabay

Hugo Rock Station- WMLU is the Online Radio of Rock. It stands out among rock radio stations throughout America. All news, not like in rock FM. 100% Radio Rock in your language 24 hours…!!

Programs from different radio stations, from all over the American Rock world, together on the same online radio, on the same station Rock … Rock and Metal at all hours, every day … on demand.

Hugo Rock Station- WMLU bursts in to be a reference of expression and communication of rock and metal music in our language, identifying, grouping, and promoting the different individual initiatives present in the space of online radio, specialized websites, and the scene itself with our #BandasAsociadas in this #CooperativaRock

Hugo Rock Station- WMLU … more than 60 live shows, broadcast, and podcast. Program tabs with direct access to your podcast. 24 hours of online radio rock 365 days a year. Reviews, reviews, rock news, and articles. Also, catch our personalized items in our Merchandise Store …

Connect when you connect with Hugo Rock Station- WMLU you will find a selection of excellent rock radio programs from all over the world contrasted by their quality, experience, and dedication. Bringing together all Rock and Metal audiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, live, delayed, and podcast…. online radio without advertising breaks during the broadcast …