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Here you have the entire weekly schedule of Hugo Rock Station- WMLU, with all the programs and necessary information about the world of rock. 
If you want to know more about each program, click on the names to access more detailed information about them.
From Monday to Friday, Hugo Rock Station- WMLU, always with the best rock.

Presenter: Johnny Rockstar

Program: The Clandestine Hour

Duration 60 Mins

Time: Thursday 09:00

Type: Deferred

Description: A program dedicated to reflecting on Time, literature, history, philosophy, and mythology with Heavy Metal blasting through the speakers.

Collaborators: Walter White

Presenter: Each program is presented by Marijo, Ana, Noemí, or Nieves, indistinctly.

Program: RockSenderas

Duration: 90-100 min.

Time: Tuesday 10:00

Type: Deferred

Description: It is dedicated to rock and metal in all its aspects, but also it has a place, of course, punk, ska, and blues. The name of the program alludes to The Beatles and it always begins with one of his songs.

Collaborators: Peter Rocky, Simon Harvey

Re-broadcast: No

Presenter: Paul Young

Program: No ALternative

Duration: 60 min

Time: Wednesday 10:00 AM

Type: Deferred

Description: Program dedicated to Grunge, Nu Metal, and Punk Rock style bands.

Collaborators: None